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Thursday, February 22, 2007

RECIPE Tip of the Day 2/22/07: Coconut

If you've used your noodle, now use your coconut:

Coconuts deserve to be called a "superfood." Coconuts (in particular, its oil) got a bad rep in the mid-20th century. But it's making a comeback. Its lipid profile, though saturated, is similar to breastmilk (so it's common in infant formula), and has antibacterial properties. It is great for athletes as a recovery food. We can't forget its emollient properties either, and its oil is a natural, fragrant, nontoxic alternative to baby oil and baby lotion (which often contain mineral oil, a petroleum product). Coconut meat is high in fiber too.

Add unsweetened, sulpher-free coconut flakes to your yogurt, smoothies, cereal or your baking. Coconut oil is also great alternative to butter or vegetable oil in baking, frying and sauteing (see my famous muffin recipe); it has a higher smoke point than canola and olive oil. Lastly, fresh coconut milk is superior to canned ones, and though a messy endeavor to make yourself, the taste rewards are high (fresh frozen coconut milk is available at Filipino and [I believe] Hispanic food markets).

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