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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've got my eyes on you: "Idol" Chatter

My favorite contestant, Season 6, so far: Blake Lewis. I didn't like him at first because of the ridiculous overuse of gel. But he won me over by choosing a Keane song, "Somewhere Only We Know," which is currently on heavy rotation on my jukebox. All he has to do is stop looking like he's from a prefabricated English boy band, and I'll keep vigil over the busy signals to vote for him.

My second favorite is Phil Stacey, who is so cute with a hat on (without one though, he looks a little Vulcan/Nosferatu; he's no Daughtry when it comes to a shaved head). Up close, he also appears much older than he does on his Idol profile. He's a decent singer and has charisma, so hopefully he'll stay on long enough to grow a bit of hair on top.

Of the women, alas, I was at mass for Ash Wednesday, so I missed all but the last half hour. Who I'm happy I saw: Gina Glocksen. She rocks. I'm a bit bothered that none of the judges liked the beginning of her performance, which I thought was moody and affecting, and a modern, edgy update to a Celine Dion song. Who I'm disappointed I didn't see: Antonella Barba, who is hot (girl-crush alert!) and has a great exotic look. I like the fact she isn't a trained singer.

Who I think should go from the men's side: Rudy Cardenas, who (no hate mail please) is so gay and hackneyed, and Sundance Head, who is so unhot and gave a dreadful Meatloaf-like performance. It wouldn't be fair for me to judge the ladies. We'll see tonight who makes the cut...

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