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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obscure Reference of the MONTH

I have returned after a long hiatus. Lots of shit happening but nothing so consequential and life altering that I was impelled to share it. I am "inspired" given that my stint as a real estate salesperson has welled up this urgency to not think about the short-sighted universe of brokering.

But yet I am. I am brainstorming a new word for the dick-heads orbit in Brokeromeda. (Of course it's not very Budda-like to speak so contemptuously, but I am using that as an avenue to vent, so maybe it's helping my karma).

As of yet, no light bulbs are going off. But I am remembering my invention of "cinemachismo" while I was in film school, of which I am sad to not have entered it officially into the lexicon earlier. I knew there was a word for an invented word or the inventor. It's been irking me the last couple days. So serendipitously, I was cleaning out one of my many email inboxes, and came across this article regarding a man who invented a word, "biophilia."

He is an:
eponym (noun, pronounced ep-uh-nim).

From Dictionary.com:

  1. A word or name derived from the name of a person. The words atlas, bowdlerize, and Turing machine are eponyms.
  2. A person whose name is or is thought to be the source of the name of something.

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