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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obscure Reference of the MONTH

I have returned after a long hiatus. Lots of shit happening but nothing so consequential and life altering that I was impelled to share it. I am "inspired" given that my stint as a real estate salesperson has welled up this urgency to not think about the short-sighted universe of brokering.

But yet I am. I am brainstorming a new word for the dick-heads orbit in Brokeromeda. (Of course it's not very Budda-like to speak so contemptuously, but I am using that as an avenue to vent, so maybe it's helping my karma).

As of yet, no light bulbs are going off. But I am remembering my invention of "cinemachismo" while I was in film school, of which I am sad to not have entered it officially into the lexicon earlier. I knew there was a word for an invented word or the inventor. It's been irking me the last couple days. So serendipitously, I was cleaning out one of my many email inboxes, and came across this article regarding a man who invented a word, "biophilia."

He is an:
eponym (noun, pronounced ep-uh-nim).


  1. A word or name derived from the name of a person. The words atlas, bowdlerize, and Turing machine are eponyms.
  2. A person whose name is or is thought to be the source of the name of something.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a need for speed. And some 360 action.

I am going to Coney Island on Monday.

Ever since San Diego, I've had an addiction to roller coasters and other fear-producing amusement park rides. The weather in NYC is finally getting warm enough for this field trip. I've never been and I've got to go before they tear stuff down.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't miss this movie (if you have the stomach for it):

Sindrome Stendahl (a.k.a. Stendahl Syndrome)

Genre: HORROR (And I am not a horror fan.)
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: English

Playing until August 2, 2007 on Channel 500, International Movies on Demand (Time Warner Cable NYC)

Read my review from the first time I saw it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New York City is just gray...

I have been too depressed to blog lately. The weather in New York City is still cold, even when it's sunny. The landscape has no nature left in it. I guess the price of living in one of the world's most uber-urban environments means nothing in the periphery is unplanned. I miss looking out the window in the morning, as I did everyday in California, and seeing a vast horizon -- water, trees and houses. Looking out any of my windows here in Queens, my perspective is foreshortened; I feel closed in by the dense concentration of buildings (imagine how I feel in Manhattan). The land here is flat and boring. I miss having a nearly private plot of grass to lie on, instead of the smelly garden of cat-piss and poo that is my front yard or my ugly non-scenic cement driveway in the back.

Yet I don't like San Diego enough to want to live there -- it's too conservative and slow. I guess there's no such thing as paradise.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

LushMommy's Happy Hour Hurrah 4/1/07

Today's recommendation:

Warm Sake.

It's been months since I got a good buzz from drinking (as opposed to a bad buzz [see this post]). Here where I'm staying in San Diego, good ales and fine table wines are a staple, margaritas are made at almost every dinner, and I can even fix a Tanqueray G&T if I feel like it. I don't overdo it, but surrounded by this family of cultured lushes, I'm definitely trying to hold my own.

Yet even from the daily dosing, I haven't felt drunk until tonight. We went to a busy local sushi bar. I decided to forgo the Sapporo everyone else was getting (as I've had a lot of beer over the last week) and ordered warm sake. It's been a while, maybe years, since I've had it. I had two different sakes tonight (but I forget what they are called because they have those Japanese names with a handful of vowels). Lots of sake. On a empty stomach. I think having it warm hastens its dispersal in the bloodstream. I wasn't fucked up but I definitely had a warm fuzzy feeling (it got me in the mood).

I've got to stock sake at my house in NYC.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fun with Playdoh: Part II

My miniature replica of Grandma Rilla's cheesecake,
perfect for a itty bitty blue mouse.

*Thanks to Tree for helping making the strawberries.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thanks for visiting! Stop by tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting! Stop by tomorrow!
A day at the park.

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