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Thursday, February 22, 2007

My latest crush: Gordon Buchanan

He's a nature filmmaker. He's adventurous. He's Scottish. He's smart. He's sexy. He just needs to shave more often, and I'll love him even more. (He reminds me of a favorite actor of mine, Ben Chaplin, from Birthday Girl with Nicole Kidman, and Terrence Malick's WWII epic, The Thin Red Line.)

See Gordon Buchanan in Expedition Borneo on The Science Channel.

His Nature documentary, Leopards of Yala, has clips on the PBS website.

1 comment:

multimutha said...

hello, how bazzar that i should happen upon your page as i have just been watching gordons latest installment on autumnwatch tho saddly im not in a position to comment on any crush since he is married to my sister !!!!!!!!
what a small world it really is !!!

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