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Monday, March 5, 2007

Words are not my strong suit.

Words are not my strong suit.
I never considered them to be.
For most of my life, my words staggered out threaded between long silences of thought.
That was not how I expressed how I felt.
Words can be inadequate and inaccurate.
Even flights of gibberish, the cooing into the ear, the purring of the lips,
All have more meaning laced into them than the most perfect syntax.
And as the song goes, "words are meaningless and forgettable,"
They too are worn out and recycled ad nauseum.
That is not how I express myself.
My actions are my voice.
Watch what I do to tell you how I feel.
If I crane my neck and breathe out an inaudible sigh,
If I turn my body turns towards you and my eyelids drop heavy,
That is all exposition.
If my fingers graze your shoulders,
Then they touch the furrow of your brow and trace down past the tip of your nose,
That is all explanatory.
There are many more things that my body can say,
But my words will not do them justice.
You will have to feel for yourself.

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