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Sunday, April 1, 2007

LushMommy's Happy Hour Hurrah 4/1/07

Today's recommendation:

Warm Sake.

It's been months since I got a good buzz from drinking (as opposed to a bad buzz [see this post]). Here where I'm staying in San Diego, good ales and fine table wines are a staple, margaritas are made at almost every dinner, and I can even fix a Tanqueray G&T if I feel like it. I don't overdo it, but surrounded by this family of cultured lushes, I'm definitely trying to hold my own.

Yet even from the daily dosing, I haven't felt drunk until tonight. We went to a busy local sushi bar. I decided to forgo the Sapporo everyone else was getting (as I've had a lot of beer over the last week) and ordered warm sake. It's been a while, maybe years, since I've had it. I had two different sakes tonight (but I forget what they are called because they have those Japanese names with a handful of vowels). Lots of sake. On a empty stomach. I think having it warm hastens its dispersal in the bloodstream. I wasn't fucked up but I definitely had a warm fuzzy feeling (it got me in the mood).

I've got to stock sake at my house in NYC.

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