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Thursday, April 12, 2007

New York City is just gray...

I have been too depressed to blog lately. The weather in New York City is still cold, even when it's sunny. The landscape has no nature left in it. I guess the price of living in one of the world's most uber-urban environments means nothing in the periphery is unplanned. I miss looking out the window in the morning, as I did everyday in California, and seeing a vast horizon -- water, trees and houses. Looking out any of my windows here in Queens, my perspective is foreshortened; I feel closed in by the dense concentration of buildings (imagine how I feel in Manhattan). The land here is flat and boring. I miss having a nearly private plot of grass to lie on, instead of the smelly garden of cat-piss and poo that is my front yard or my ugly non-scenic cement driveway in the back.

Yet I don't like San Diego enough to want to live there -- it's too conservative and slow. I guess there's no such thing as paradise.

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